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I would not move here again.

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You self-righteous old people have ruined our neighborhood. You have taken a lively, family oriented community and turned it into a homogenous, arid zone filled with the displaced, and the bitter elderly. You have taken our fun, vibrant neighborhood, and in only one decade transformed it from a providential, family-oriented community to a desolate place, devoid of families and home owners, where you can wield your power like the mighty sword of Damocles over the few remaining families, hoping to turn the neighborhood more toward your own vision of rock-lawned Utopia.

Rocks and empty streets; these are the signs you crave for in your lonely, orderly, bitter life. These are the signs of a desolate community?…one without life. As you stroll, in your smug abeyance, think of what pain you have instilled into the fabric of America. As you stroll past the renter?’s paradise, complete with the recently released felons ?– (what could they have done?) ?– you are not human enough to miss the children who used to play in the streets. For you have grown old, and you need order; you pay for the service. You will not be satisfied until you have created your own East Berlin?…complete, you hope, with stucco wall that matches the new HOA palette.

You have taken this infinitesimally small amount of power, and attempted to position yourself among societies' protectorate, much like Korea?’s great leader has shown distain for that which he does not appreciate. In contrast to all that our country was founded for, you try and control personal freedoms for your own selfishness.

With your guidance and leadership, this once vibrant community has turned to one of the Renters, and the Retired. Grass has been turned to stone for those who value profit over pride of ownership. Where children used to rule the street, now there are the elderly and retired, taking down parking violations to stuff the coffers of a faceless management company nearby. If not for the investors, this community has no value for the average American family trying to find a community to call home. The ?“rules?” you use to run roughshod over the remaining families only widen the gap between neighbors in the community. Soon, like some poor Eastern-block country under communist rule, neighbor will not be able to speak with their neighbors without suspicion. This is the future of your sanguine utopia.

Arrowhead Ranch was not intended to become a retirement village; we have Sun City. It was not intended to be a renter?’s paradise, as the affordable housing in our community has become ?– some ?“investors?” renting out six or more houses on their block, filling the neighborhood with all manner of the displaced and the disowned, and all for a little money. Arrowhead Ranch was supposed to be a good place to raise your kids. You, the few, the proud, the bitter elderly, along with the overbearing and inept ?“management?” company, have ruined this neighborhood in the name of protecting homeowner value. Gone are the families. For shame.
Double Speak

Wow, Mr. Anonymous,

I have to say that I couldn't understand much of what you were saying - Speaking out of both sides of your mouth like that makes it difficult to understand you. Not to mention, I am not sure where YOU live - as I have not witnessed even half of what you are saying, or trying to say.

The one point that I completely agree with you on is that this neighborhood should be one that is inviting, friendly, clean, well-groomed, safe, etc.

What I don't understand is how you expect this neighborhood to stay that way without enforcement of the HOA rules, and without the people who choose to notify the HOA of violations.

Drive around. Go to neighborhoods that do NOT have an HOA and you tell me if you'd rather live there.

-If you'd rather live where people can park cars up and down the street - ENDANGERING THE CHILDREN you say no longer play here. (Btw, there are a whole slew of children on my street that play outside daily.)

-See if you'd rather live where there is no enforcement in the landscaping department - overgrown weeds, scattered rocks, generally unkempt properties. How attractive do you think that is?

-Renters? This neighborhood has them, yes. Do I like it? Not really. But if the HOA continues to enforce the rules with these homeowners - and it is communicated to the renters... well, then there shouldn't be a problem.

So you see, I can't decide what it is you want. To keep this neighborhood from going to h-ll in a hand basket, we need the HOA to do what it is intended to do. So, if you don't like it here, go to one of those neighborhoods that don't have one.

Good riddance!

By Proud YOUNG Arrowhead Rancher
Extreme, but I agree

An extreme way to put it, but I agree with the principal of this message. The Association provides a very valuable service for the most part. There are a couple of areas where I think it oversteps its bounds: Parking and what I do with my garage. If the HOA and a few, vocal, citizens had it their way this would be a sterile, empty neighborhood, like many Sun City neighborhoods. No cars in view, no people, nothing to show that families live in this neighborhood. I wouldn?’t blame it on renters though, they are like anybody else, there are good renters, and there are bad owners.
The things sited the most by the complainers are safety and property value. Except when somebody is having a party (and there is nothing we can do about that) I have never seen enough cars parked on the street that it is a safety issue for children. As for property value, if there is a car parked in front of my house, or if I am working in my garage with the door open and step away for minute, or I come home from work tired and plan on going back out to get my trash cans and forget, so what? In what way does that affect your property value? If any of that bothered a prospective buyer then great, I don?’t want them in my neighborhood anyway.
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 I rarely leave comments on the web, but this time I thought my review can help somebody in making a decision whether to move to this neighbourhood or not. If I was to buy a house there is a slight chance I would consider this community, its relatively quite , but if you RENT do not rent in this community. It really looks like this HOA does everything they possibly can to get rid of renters , I do believe they discriminate! This HOA as a relationship with rental agencies , which charge a fee ranging from 20 to 30 dollars, for ANY notice recieved from HOA, where the HOA gives you about two weeks to fix the problem but the rental company charges you as soon as they recieve that letter from the HOA. And here is where comes discrimination , "chosen" neighbours keep parking there cars on the side of the road as usual (they do not get penalties, otherwise they would move their vehicles), but renters have to move their cars at certain times, AND they get fined for it regardless whether the problem fixed or not.  I am not even saying assigning us the area that belongs to the city to take care of , as far as weeds. 

What is so disapointing is that the HOA is so inconsistent, they claim they care about the looks of the comunity, but this is a lie (although the facade with the name of the comunity looks pretty, they have a very expensive, lashified grass there). The bushes along the road cut so uneven, you cannot miss that. There is a ton of trash outside on the streets, people do not seem to care at all.  This place does not feel like a community at all, I am very happy to move out from here to our new house in the place with no HOA but a more beuatiful and responsible community. 


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