Shaking Walls of Building and Roaming Dog

Posted in: Homeowner

The tenants of 4587 have been playing a bass sound that shakes the walls.  This has

been going on for months at different times.  Now, I know residents can play music

and watch television at a normal level.  However, these tenants are not doing those

things.  Instead, they are listening to inappropriate things at abnormal volumes.  This is making the community look bad.


On April 22, 2017, The female of 4587 was playing some type of "music"(???) where the speakers let out a bass that literally shook the walls and vibrated the windows at night.


For hours, all the way to 12:30 A.M., the really disturbing bass sound played.

There were other times where she did this. The walls shook and she did not care.

On another occasion, during the day, her partner blasted the music so loudly outside in the front, that it made the walls tremor.

These tenants are making the community look terrible.

Also, even though they have a bright orange retractable leash for their small dog, the tenants do not use it.  All of the residents who have pets whether large or small abide by having leashes or harnesses on them.  However, their dog is allowed to

run freely in my front yard, sniffing, poking and other things.  A lot of times, this occurs during the night hoping no one would see.  On one occasion, the really short male, without a care in the world, let the dog roam freely in my front yard as he

was distracted digging for junk in the trunk of his vehicle.  

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