On Saturday Oct 2nd, LLHOA held a meeting at the Playground to discuss proposed changes to the Use Provision in the LLHOA Bylaws.

Our Attorney Robert Chilton attended to explain the various aspects to the residents and owners present. The updating of the provisions is an effort to enhance the use description to require landlords to provide information about renters that could affect public safety in the community. Homeowners are asked to vote by signing the amendment and returning it to the LLHOA.


During the meeting, it was clarified that according to present Polk County Statute, short term rentals ( 3-5 days ) of properties are already prohibited. Vacation Rentals are permitted under specific mutual agreements. All properties remain limited to use as a single family residence only.


Renting of bedrooms out to separate parties, or using the garage as a separate living space is still prohibited. Ballots sould be returned by December 15th.


A copy of the Amendment is now been added to the Documents section of this website.