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Neighborhood Link Launches Two New Online Communities

Sites designed to build better civic communication within neighborhood communities welcomes Sacramento and San Antonio

DENVER, January 25, 1999 - Neighborhood Link (, the Internet-based community network that enables neighborhoods in participating metropolitan areas to create their own free, interactive Web sites today welcomed two new cities to their online community. The addition of these new online neighborhoods brings the total number of Neighborhood Link cities deployed to nine since launching in October 1998.

The two new metropolitan areas - Sacramento and San Antonio - have been set up to meet the growing number of Neighborhood Link users. Neighborhood Link is offering a unique service on the Web by bringing people together within a neighborhood and offering them a chance to build a stronger sense of community and a closer link to the local civic community. By offering its users the ability to set up their own free neighborhood Web sites, Neighborhood Link has become the first Internet company to offer civic communication between citizens and the local government.

“We are thrilled with the speed of our growth. We are now serving nine cities and plan to continue growing at an even faster rate through 1999, said Ted Pinkowitz, president and CEO of Neighborhood Link. “We currently host more than 2,000 neighborhoods and are helping these visitors to build stronger communities within each city by serving as the primary resource for civic communication.”

Neighborhood Link becomes fully integrated into participating communities through community partnerships with local governments, neighborhood groups and community organizations such as public schools, police departments and community newspapers. Each neighborhood Web site provides useful information such as event and meeting schedules, important notices, the association’s newsletter, local school listings, connections to police departments, community newspapers, interactive maps, additional pages for special-interest groups, interactive discussion areas and much more.

Sacramento City Manager William H. Edgar’s office has agreed to be a community partner as well as the Sacramento City Council, Sacramento Neighborhood Planning and Development Services and the Sacramento Citizen’s Community Watch Group. San Antonio Mayor Howard W. Peak’s office, San Antonio City Council, San Antonio City Planning Office, San Antonio Neighborhood Resource Center, San Antonio Neighborhood Action Department and the San Antonio Office of Community Relations also support the service in their community and are community partners. Both cities have other Metro government partnerships pending.

About Neighborhood Link

Neighborhood Link ( is an Internet-based community network that enables neighborhoods in participating metropolitan areas to create their own free, interactive Web sites. Neighborhood Link, which launched in 1998, becomes fully integrated into communities through strategic partnerships with local governments, neighborhood groups and community organizations, including public schools, libraries, police departments and community newspapers. Denver-based Neighborhood Link serves nine U.S. metropolitan areas - Colorado Springs, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and Tucson - and plans to be in more than 20 markets by July 1999. For more information about obtaining your own free neighborhood Web site, call toll-free 1-888-241-0123.

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