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ATLANTA,GEORGIA, March 16, 2000 - Mayor Bill Campbell and the Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Units today announced the support of an innovative new Internet project that will allow Atlanta neighborhood organizations a free and easy way to use the Internet to help strengthen the community. Neighborhood Link (, the Internet-based community network that enables metropolitan-area neighborhood associations to create their own free, interactive Web sites is now available to the Atlanta metropolitan area.

“Communication between neighborhoods and the City, within a neighborhood, among neighborhoods and between neighborhoods, play a critical role in building a strong, viable community,” said Mayor Campbell. “Neighborhood Link is a great tool to help Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Units foster communication between the 24 districts and the neighborhoods they serve. This program supports my Community Technology Initiative to make the Internet and other information technology more accessible to the citizens of our great City.”

“By connecting neighborhoods with city government Web sites, such as Mayor Campbell’s office, Atlanta City Council members and the Neighborhood Planning Units, Neighborhood Link is becoming Atlanta’s primary resource for civic communication and information,” said Ted Pinkowitz, CEO of Neighborhood Link. “Our goal is to re-create civic communication in the United States through public and private partnerships with cities and corporations and we are doing just that.”

Neighborhood Link enables neighborhood associations and homeowners’ associations to establish and maintain their own Web sites quickly and easily by entering information into simple forms, which automatically and instantaneously create or modify Web pages. Associations do not need to have knowledge of HTML or other programming language to create a Web page on Neighborhood Link. The service does not require payment by neighborhood organizations and does not use public funds. The project is underwritten by local companies whose message banners will appear on the Neighborhood Link pages. Those who do not have Internet access can link to the community pages from computers in any Atlanta Public Library, or any of the City-sponsored technology centers that are a part of the Mayor’s Community Technology Initiative.

About the Mayor’s Community Technology Initiative and Neighborhood Planning Units

The mission of the Mayor’s Community Technology Initiative (CTI) is to ensure that technology and new media improve the quality of life of Atlanta residents by providing public access to training, equipment and knowledge. Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) are Citizen Advisory Councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, land-use and other planning issues.

About Neighborhood Link

Neighborhood Link ( is an Internet-based community network that enables neighborhoods in participating metropolitan areas to create their own free, interactive Web sites. For more information about obtaining free neighborhood and organization Web sites, or about becoming a corporate sponsor, call toll-free 1-888-241-0123.

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