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New service allows users to Create Localized Web Communities

DENVER, January 31, 2000 - Looking for a way to communicate locally about your neighborhood book club, PTA, Girl Scout troop, church group, or non-profit organization? Neighborhood Linkä has just the solution! Neighborhood Link (, the Internet-based community network that enables metropolitan-area neighborhood associations to create their own free, interactive Web sites, today launched a new community building service that allows local club and organization members to create their own Web-based communities.

This new, free service known as Neighborhood Link Clubs and Organizations ( provides a unique Web address and centralized Web communications center for groups to develop relationships and interact on a regular basis with other members. Neighborhood Link Clubs and Organizations is an ideal place for groups of all types who want to reach community members locally, including work-related clubs, investment clubs, PTA associations, alumni organizations and non-profit organizations.

“Neighborhood Link has been successfully providing free neighborhood Web sites to neighborhood associations for almost two years,” said Ted Pinkowitz, President of Neighborhood Link. “We found that many other types of organizations were interested in free Web sites as well but these local community organizations didn’t fit into our neighborhood network. We firmly believe that geography matters, even on the Internet, so we created Neighborhood Link Clubs and Organizations just for them. Neighborhood Link’s Clubs and Organizations service is different from others out there in that we allow these clubs to be localized. For instance, a local PTA can create their own web site, hotlink to the appropriate neighborhood sites, and provide an easy and convenient way to communicate with parents. This further enhances our corporate strategy which is to establish Neighborhood Link as the primary resource for civic communication in communities throughout the country.”

Build Your Own Web Site in 15 Minutes Creating a Neighborhood Link Clubs and Organizations Web site is simple and requires no knowledge of HTML or any programming language. To create a club, simply go to and click on “Sign Up.” Here users will be able to select the appropriate city, then fill in the requested information. Groups then determine whether they would like new members to be able to join the club’s site or not. If groups want to prevent new members from joining online, they simply click on the “no new members” box. If this box is not checked, anybody can join and will have the ability to post discussions, add calendar events and create member Web pages. Next, the user will determine its club’s Web site address and will type in a short and simple name. The URL will then become The last step is to browse through the list of categories Neighborhood Link offers and to determine and select the appropriate category for the club to fit into. Neighborhood Link provides the club’s coordinator with the administrative rights to moderate and modify the site as needed.

About Neighborhood Link

Neighborhood Link ( is an Internet-based community network that enables neighborhoods in participating metropolitan areas to create their own free, interactive Web sites. Neighborhood Link, which launched in 1998, becomes fully integrated into communities through partnerships with local governments, neighborhood groups and community organizations, including public schools, libraries, police departments and community newspapers. Denver-based Neighborhood Link is currently deployed in 24 U.S. metropolitan regions, hundreds of cities and has more than13, 500 neighborhoods online. For more information about obtaining free neighborhood or clubs and organizations Web sites or about becoming a corporate sponsor, call toll-free 1-888-241-0123.

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