We really need people to step up in 2014 both board members, and residents to keep things moving forward, especially since we will be operating it appears without a president, and with having some of our strong board members maxing out their terms in 2013 coming off the board.    We do have everything else covered now on our board.  I think it is a good team for 2014.   Another thing just as important is to be sure to pay your dues.  Things will not happen if you don't pay them.   My fundraising days are over!   I brought in many thousands in support for our community events from businesses the last decade to make up for most of you that never paid the $20 dollar dues.   If everyone paid dues, or even the majority we would have so much money for everything we wish to do.  You don't have to pay dues, or take part in anything we do.  We do have those of you that have been most faithful with the dues.   2013 was the most dues ever paid.  That said it will not be enough without the sponsor funds, if others don't step up and pay to continue doing things at the current level.    I Thank those of you that paid for the support and doing your part over the years!     If you choose not to pay the $20 per calendar year the area suffers.   I spent a great deal of my time as president working on things to try and make our community Madison Park more special.   Most of our board members simply don't have the time to invest as I did.  I looked at it as a full time job.  It took much more than 40 hours a week of my time every week to be president.    Some weeks twice that much time.   Unless you pay dues things will not happen going forward to the same level as past years.     Events, supporting school, supporting senior centers, grants and so much more.     $ money equals a lot of opportunities.   Your Madison Park HOA operates as a non profit.    Everything we do takes money, even though we always invite everyone to take part for free in our events, someone has to pay the bills.    So your $20 per household for the entire year is important.  It is very little to invest in the place you call home I think.    Our bank account will let us know what we can, and can't do in 2014.   I strongly suggest you show the 2014 Board you care and get those checks and Pay Pal payments in by the 1st of the year.