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Poor Corporate Neighbor

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To the President,
Eastburn Acres Civic Association
10 January, 2007

Dear Sir,

We live in Eastburn Acres on Carol Drive. Unfortunately, our yard, along with 2 or 3 others, backs up to the Burger King on the Kirkwood Highway.

For several years we have been fighting the ''Trash, Noise and Trespassing Wars'' with Burger King and losing. Their customers (and others) toss trash (including beer bottles) down the embankment and it ends up piled against the property line wire fence. Some of it blows, or is thrown, over the fence into our yards. This eye-sore and sanitary nuisance is totally unacceptable. We have, in past years, contacted Burger King both at the restaurant and at their regional office with no results. We have, over the last three years, written letters to our Civic Association (with photos), made phone calls to them, and brought it up at meetings. There has still been no action taken.

Another Burger King issue is the late-night noise, car racing and loitering of the employees and their friends in the B.K. parking lot after closing time (especially in the summer). We and our neighbor have called the N.C.C. Police twice. They disbursed the crowd once and were too late the second time).

Finally, the gaps in the existing B.K. fence lead to regular trasspassing through our yards by young people seeking shortcuts through Eastburn Acres. We have often confronted and chased off tresspassers but they continue to come through.

I am raising these issues one more time at tonight's Civic Assoc. meeting. If there is no absolute commitment by the leadership to act, I will be contacting our Representative and Senator - and whomever else it will take to force Burger King to become a responsible corporate neighbor.

We and our neighbors are insisting upon a resolution to this problem and expect at least the following as minimum actions to ensure a lasting solution. We would expect the following actions to be implemented by this coming spring/summer season.

1. Burger King must install a high, visual-barrier (stockade-type) fence at the top of the embankment which will block off all trash, visibility and trespassing.

2. Burger King must be far more effective in cleaning up trash on their own property to improve general appearance and prevent attracting rats (which have been seen at the dumpsters), etc.

3. Burger King must enforce no-loitering and excessive-noise laws on their property, especially during late night hours.

4. Eastburn Acres Civic Association should regularly monitor Burger King's compliance and hold them accountable with the threat of Police, legal or appropriate State agency involvement.

Respectfully submitted,
Earle Gould
2120 Carol Drive
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Burger King

I have printed copies of your letter to hand to our elected officials at tonight's meeting and hope they can follow up for us to get this issue resolved. I have also e-mailed copies so that they will have them at their office to review ahead of the meeting. I was at Burger King Saturday afternoon 1/6 to inspect a problem with the water flow through the creek behind the homes on Carol Dr. I agree with all of the points that you have listed and I also believe that the trash has caused problems by blocking the creek. The name of the management company is on a plaque behind the counter of the store. I'll stop and get it before the meeting.
I spoke with....

....Councilman Reda at 4:30 today. He will follow up with this at the meeting tonight.

By Gary
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