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Delicious, diverse and not as difficult to cook as you might think, Indian food is among the top cuisines in the world. With every city, state and even every household having its own recipes for thousands of dishes that you could imagine the variety is absolutely mind-boggling. Healthy and Diverse Contrary to popular opinion, Indian food is not just about curry, chilies, and oil. There aren't many other dishes with as many varieties of and healthy ingredients and vegetables. However, Indian cuisine is not just for vegetarians. If the butter chicken, rogan josh, and vindaloo are any indication, Indians have a lot to offer non-vegetarians. Browse this site to get additional hints on Indian food. An art form Indian cooking is considered an art form. Mothers usually begin to teach their daughters fairly young in the beginning, and pass on family recipes by show-and-tell. Food is a serious business. Even in this modern age, Indian women are very committed to their food. Most meals include various desserts, dishes (such as the traditional shahi falooda) and one or two essentials such as chapatis and rice. Over the course of history many invaders have traversed India and left their marks behind on its cuisine. Aryans, Persians and Arabs are just a few examples of the numerous invaders that visited India. The result is meals that taste delicious that some are renowned. Indian cuisine When you think of India the first thing that pops into your head is its diversity. A large country, its population is second to China, its languages are numerous and every state is unique in its traditions and very importantly its food. It is possible that a person is not familiar with food from one area, but it could actually be completely foreign to people from different regions. Demystifying Indian Cuisine In all its variety, it is ironic then that when the rest of the world thinks of Indian food, the one word that pops into most people's minds is curry. It is possibly the biggest understatement ever because curry doesn't even begin to capture the vast variety to be had in Indian food. Another misconception is that Indian food has to be spicy, fatty, rich or difficult to prepare. The basic principles of cooking With so many languages and each region offering its specific cuisine specialties The vocabulary used could be extensive. For someone new to Indian cuisine, they could be difficult to understand. To understand Indian cooking, it is essential to study Indian cookbooks. Cookware to Get Started You'll be shocked at how little you actually require, in terms of dishes and cooking equipment, to prepare Indian food. You will find most of the cooking equipment and pans that you need in your kitchen. You will need a wok, heavy-bottomed saucepans, a pressure cooker, and a steamer to cook the majority of recipes.

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