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Hello Co-Op Community,

My name is Lewis. I'm the first person to say that the Co-op model in any facet is brilliant! I am retired from Public Radio for over 23 years, but still stay active in the community at the young age of 85. 

Community, I am reaching out to you because my landlord is fixing up her property and selling in the next few months. This means I have to secure a new place by 4/15/16. Below is some information about me for consideration of renting a room:

  • Kitchen/Bath Basic Privileges
  • Pets and Kids Ok
  • Retired (Public Radio) | Quiet | Independent
  • Can help with all house duties

Rent Range: $400-500

Reason for Move: Owner Selling property, looking to secure new room by April 15, 2016

Daily Schedule:  Includes recreation at the Berkeley Senior Center and Community Activities

Support: I have a supportive son (J.) to keep me on task along with family and friends.

References upon request.

Location: Berkeley
Occupation: Retired
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