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GreatGrandparents for Autism Advocacy. IA. Muscatine, ggPaa HOME

Hi; Welcome to our Wonderful World!
WE are Happy Wanderers, but not lost!

Please sit 'n swing awhile, watching the Mississippi River flow on bye as BIG BIRD stalks past the deck looking for his lunch. RELAX!

Our summers are spent in our campers on our lots #8 and #34 across the lane from each other. Ours is #8 on the River side of N&L Camp Ground on the Mississippi River below Lock and Dam 16 in Muscatine, Ia.

It's amazing how the world's atmosphere and attitude changes to true cool,peace, tranquility and relaxation when one crosses the Rail Road tracks off River Road on Spillway Lane to the camp Ground Peninsula. Wunderbar!!

Yes, Gypsy Wanderers, We Are!
Sandy and I have been around the "HORN" so to Speak in our younger, Farm, Air Force Family and following work lives

We are now retired together, seemingly busier than ever, yet "LOVIN'" it all the MORE!

Sandy is a true Muscatine, Mississippi River, born, bred and raised GIRL of Logel and Reifert Roots.

She has worked at Grandpa Reifert's Fish Market, Uncle Ford Hilton's Tasty Pastry Bakery, owner/operator of Blocker's Cafe, Ludlow, IL., McKee's Button Factory. Hon Industries, Great River Bend Agency on Aging, Food Service Director, Commission of Aging, Manager of Country Kitchen Restaurant and Nurse's Assistant.

I have lived from coast to coast, inbetween and across the "Pond" in Belgium during my years of farming, research and production of photo products, magnetic tape and polyester film manufacturing.

Sandy and I spent 3 months on our Honeymoon in what is now Cub's Pop-Up Camper visiting and touring to South Carolina, Florida and across the Gulf Coast for a spell at Lazy Palms Ranch in Edinburg, TX.

Two years later we returned to the Ranch to spend the winter with cousin Cleve and Jane Reifert. We were Winter Texans, Proud 'n Tall!

Our Views to & from the Rest of the Family
We have raised Cub in our home the past three years through Middle School as substitute parents and Legal Guardians.

Cub loves camping out with us in "his own" Pop Up Camper on lot #34. He stays busy, beach combing, exploring and tending to his wildlife animal and bird friends on his lot and in the woods and swamps around him.

Cub is our nightly Fire Ring flame provider and part time blacksmith foundry hand. He can also spin a great story around the sparking fire at night.

Cub will graduate from West Middle School 8th grade this May '06. He is preparing now to transition this Fall as a Freshman to Muscatine High.
He was on the Honor Roll every reporting period in Middle School, 6,7 & 8th grade Special Ed Classes.

Cub really enoyed our train trip vacation to Chicago the summer between 6 & 7th grade.

This summer Cub will be involved in the Salvation Army Summer Day Camp as an associate Couselor.

Hey Y'all, Please give us a "Holler" 'n Come see us By 'n Bye, Ya Heah!?!

Email Us or

And Here Are
Sojourn Haven, North East Allamakee Co. IA.
Sojourn Way, Harpers Ferry, IA.
Spartanburg, SC and Dixie Land
GreatGrandparents for Autism Advocacy, Support Grp!
Kris and Tom Knauff, South Western Wisconsin
Pearl City

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