unwanted cats being abandoned on third ave by the people who are feeding them

Posted in: Central - Camelback

there is an on going situation along third ave. between camelback and missouri. it starts with peter j wolfe of vox velina, he has been feeding his colony on third for the last three years hiding under the lie that he doing the trap neuter and relese program. peter does not live in medlock place and has not been given the ok to do this by any of the neighbors that do live here for the most part, as i have only talked with 95% of the people who do live here, and will get around to hearing what the rest think about him feeding cats here. people are busy etc... peter will lie to whoever he has to about this so that he can keep feeding his colony of unwanted cats. he puts food down on street corners, hides it on peoples property where they dont notice it and when confronted he becomes angry and has been known for violence as well. he will others to help in the feeding of his unwanted cats and they as well will lie saying they have permissiom from the owner knowing the is not there to say otherwise. he calls the police and will lie to them saying so and so is harassing him when all they are doing is removing the food that he or the others have dumped. again these people do not live in medlock place. peter wolfe will go around to the different shelters and take the unwanted cats they have that cant be adopted and will drop them off at his various colonies that he is responsible for. which is illegal, but again he will lie about what he is doing and he can get away with it. he has not been given permission by us at medlock place and has been asked many times by many neighbors to please leave and stop feeding his unwanted cats. we do not think that it should be up to peter wolfe that medlock place should have the unwanted cat colony but up to the people that live and have purchased homes in this beatifull neighborhood to decide. sorry to be long winded but we are being strangled by this mess and are looking for a way to stop him. he has become a nusiance with his unwanted cats as they are ruining are way of life here. ie... kids cant play in thier own backyards because of cat poop and many other thing that im sure you are already aware of with the unwanted cat probems that he is helping to create.thank you for your time and please help us with whatever you can  

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