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Has anyone heard about breakins around the neighborhood? I live on Cooper Drive.

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I had my door bell rung at 7:30 am today Sort of like when you get a UPS or Fed X.  I was sound asleep.  I looked and saw the time on my clock and thought who could be at my door so early.  I then got up to peep out the blinds.  Did not see a vehicle.  I grabbed some shorts and started through the house.  I knew I could see a black jacket arm from my window of the person(s) on my porch.  I went to the drive side and saw nothing.  My dogs began to bark loudly as this person had gone to the rear of my house.  He went back down the drive toward the street when the dogs spotted him. My dogs were in the house.  The man did not go to any other house and walked away from Tyvola.  I called 911 and reported it and officers were dispatched.  Person was dressed in all black including stocking cap  Person also had black back pack on.   I even opened my front door as he was exiting my driveway.  The door is a bit loud but he did not turn. If he had I was going to at least yell and asked what he thought he was doing.  I have a feeling he heard me opening the door.

CMPD says anything suspicious to CALL 911.   They said they would rather you call than not to call.  Went on to say calling does not take away from more important calls since they are in the communities patrolling anyway. 

911 said that people will ring the door bell and if you don't come to the door will go and kick in your back door.

Somewhat odd is on Halloween a female was dressed in all white and acted very oddly on my block.   I saw her go in between two homes that had cars in the drive across from me.    She went to the rear yard between the fences and was looking around as though she was lost.     This was around 6 PM.  I called this one in to 911 and found out the next day that another neighbor had a strange encounter with this same person at 3 PM...3 hours earlier on my block.

Someone at the voting precinct had mentioned there was a break in they thought in the Cooper area on election day.  I know I was told Starmount had a couple of recent break ins.

So just be alert and do call anything out of the norm in to 911.

Let me clarify the Cooper Area....I reread that one.


Someone at the voting precinct on election day had mentioned there was a break in they thought in the Cooper area in the last few days. I had not heard anything about it.  I had been told that Starmount had a couple of recent break ins.


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