What's With The Newsletter???

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Does Graymoor-Devondale's newsletter really reflect our city and its residents?

Are there ONLY women living in our city?(TWO-SEVENTHS of all the articles in the August newsletter were about women -- mammograms and some sort of UK Health Registry for Women.)

Or are we a CRIME-RIDDEN community? (WAY too much of the TWO CENTER PAGES is taken up with RIDICULOUS ''police runs'' from one and TWO months ago!

PLEASE! Can we have real news? Or some features that would be interesting to read?

I remember several years ago when there were a series of articles on keeping our trees healthy. And a few items re the history of our neighborhood ... and safety tips.

It was nice to see photos of the 4th of July parade.

PLEASE .... PLEASE .... Put some NEWS in our NEWSletter.

By A Very Concerned Citizen
Suggestions for Newsletter Items

Totally agree about the newsletter. Worthless as it is. Here are a couple ideas for stories --

-- info on this website. Should encourage residents to use it. Great resource.

-- info on the candidates for City Council and Mayor in upcoming election. I need to know about these people in order to make an informed decision.

Hope this helps.

By Another concerned resident
let's all pitch in!

The newsletter is put together by volunteers, who donate their time. I would bet they wouldn't mind people submitting articles in their field of expertise, whether it is a great salsa recipe, how to divide hostas, information on local school activities (ie. Ballard Holiday Halls, Wilder Holiday Bazaar, local concerts), etc. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they had a plethora from which to choose? So instead of complaining about the problem, why don't some of us participate and be part of the solution?

By susan
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