Why You Don't Bag Recycling Materials

Posted in: Madison Park

If you bag it the sorting machines and limited personal running the MRF will send it down shoots to a trash trailer.   That full size tractor / trailer takes at least one full packed trailer every day to the Speedway landfill.


If you goal really it to recycle then empty the bags.  You can place a full bag of tin cans in the green recycling cart.  If they are in a bag they will NOT be recycled.  


Not only are your items not being recycled they are going to the landfill at a cost to Mecklenburg Citizens that pay taxes / fees of 2 million dollars a year. 


Remember When In Doubt Throw It Out!     NEVER Bag anything in the reyclcing carts.  


Placing wrong items in the bins damages MRF equipment and could injure staff in the center.   


25% off everything coming in to the MRF is TRASH!    Put only the Six Items Accepted in the green carts.

#1 Bottles with Necks   (NO OTHER PLASTICS)

#2 Glass  (However Glass cost us to get rid of it).   You can trash if you Please!

#3 Paper  Mail papers, newspapers, paper back books, 

#4 Small Cardboard and Cereal Boxes

#5 Cartons (milk or juice)

#6 Metal Cans


NOTHING ELSE Should Go into the green carts.


There are a few other larger items that can be taken to a full service recycling center.


Self Service centers take only the above 6 items.    


Glass can be put in yellow bins at full service centers.  That way they can go directly to a vender at a low cost to tax payers.     



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