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A shooting occured today at 8520 Redding Glen Ave. It tore me apart to see yellow tape in a community I have grown to love. If we as homeowners do not get involved this neighborhood will continue to see more and more yellow crime scene tape. These people I believe are renters and renters are who continues to bring this community down, something must be done. I am reaching out to our HOA something must be done.

By Concerned Home Owner

I am happy to say something was done about this and these renters are no longer live in that home.
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That's a horrible thing to happen in our community. Those of us who have bought and live here have a vested interest in keeping this community safe and clean. Owners of those rented homes should be made accountable for their tenants. This is something we can bring up at the next HOA meeting. As neighbors we all need to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. First by informing police and then HOA. Most importantly, get involved with the Community Walks, Meetings and special events. We're all very busy but HOA can't do it alone.

I live next door to where the incident happened. I have been waiting for this moment for two years. I have contacted the police regarding what I suspected over there a few times. Each time I was informed that unless I had specific evidence or eye witness accounts there was nothing they could do. In the beginning there was loud music, frequent late night visitors and very expensive cars for people who did not work. I watched religiously..Within a couple of months, no loud music, no late night visitors...but I could still sense there was something. I had just opened my blinds when the incident took place...First of all Thank God they did not have the wrong residence...I did not see or hear anyone speed away. My other neighbor and I saw a Charlotte Mecklenburg Sheriffs car in front of our home but he acted like he did not see or hear anything and drove away slowly. I was thankful that when Charlotte Mecklenburg City Police investigated the incident they were able to discover what was inside the home and get rid of them. I think if people are going to rent their homes out they need to conduct inspections routinely. I bet the people who own the house had no idea what was going on. I never met them or else I would have contated them years ago.

By Next door neighbor
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