Cars being Vandalized

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I would like to address the issue of the cars being vandalized on Vaughn Ave, in the Sierra Springs community. On more than one occasion since last year there has been someone letting the air out of the tires of the vehicles that are left on the street over night. It has happened more than once just in the last month and I know more than a dozen times within the year. Just recently (2 weeks ago) a cars window was broken but nothing was taken. Now to my point, I know when I first moved to the community I chose this great place because it was safe and no crime! I have followed the HOA's guidelines but just recently was told that the streets in Sierra Springs are no longer ran by the HOA but rather are now public streets, or have I been misinformed? So with that being said, if it is truely a public street wouldnt the tenants or homeowners be able to park in front of their own home? I would hate to see the amount of police reports that will start flooding the community because of one individuals actions, if this continues to happen I'm afraid that people would not want to live in our beautiful community because of vandalism and yes it is a CRIME! Needless to say someone taking law into their own hands and being vigilant.

Our car rear window was busted out this morning with a huge brick. Nothing was taken. We are in Plano. Putting a camera and ADT security system. It's just nuts.
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