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Read your response and check your spelling... That is the reason there should be a curfew! You ARE a high school student, but you can't spell or write with any grammar yet you say there shouldn't be a curfew or a government stipulation in regards to a curfew for anyone under 18? YOU are NOT an adult unless you are emancipated and thus you have no say about your life other than whether you smile or frown! Get some sleep and get an education!

Your information is incorrect curfew is 11pm on weekends and 10pm on week days there has been no problem for me being out that late my grades have been perfectly fine no matter how late I have stayed out and thats for every child under the age of 17 

Um, excuse me, but we do have the right to have a say in our lives. We are human beings and not slaves! Also, the goverment should NOT have a say in where, or at what hour when we are allowed to go places. This is a free country and, so long as we remain within the limits of all reasonable laws, we should be able to move and gather when and where we please! This is a democracy not a dictatorship.When the goverment gains control of one  part of the population, what is to stop them from controling the rest of it? What would you say if the government imposed a curfew on every member of the population? I would suppose that you would have an issue with that. So consider your statement and tell me if you still agree with it.

Sir, I am in high school as a freshmen and I stay up till midnight  sleap till 5:00 and go to school fully awake  the curfew should be at least till 10:30 to 11:00 for 14 and older. I know several other people in middle school to high school  that stay up till midnight  and are fully awake  for school elimentery and lower middle school 9-10 pm is reasonable .  p.s" only is only not, onle "

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