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Know Your Board of Directors

Here is a listing of your Board of Directors for the Mission Gardens Homeowners Association:


Michael Sverchek - President
570 Peach Street, # 16
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
805-543-0871 - Work
(805) 235-4987 - Cell
Email: msverchek@yahoo.com
Larry Beemer - Member at Large
570 Peach Street, #2
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Mailing Address:
3654 Hillsdale Ranch Road
Chino Hills, CA 91709
909-597-3842 – home
714-368-6233 –work
909-214-8726 – cell
Email: lawrence.beemer@ffic.com
Lynda Farnum, CCAM®
Armstrong Property Management - Arroyo Grande office
Email: lynda@armstrong-mgmt.com
Phone: (805) 473-5858 Fax: (805) 473-2631
Monday - Friday 9AM - noon, 1 PM to 5 PM
Closed holidays and weekends

Architectural Review Process and Reminder


717 East Grand Avenue, Suite D, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 473-5858 ♦ Fax (805) 473-2631



To: Owners at Mission Gardens Homeowners Association

Re: Architectural Review Procedures - REMINDER

Dear owner,

The Board of Directors of Mission Gardens HOA has requested that we contact all owners to remind them of the ARC Procedures in place at Mission Gardens HOA in the event that you wish to make any changes to the exterior of your unit.

Civil Code §1378 requires written procedures for reviewing architectural applications. The procedure provides deadlines for review by the association. The procedures are included in your association’s governing documents and also enclosed. Architectural requests and decisions are required to be in writing.

If you wish to make any changes to the exterior of your unit, no matter how small you deem they to be, you need to follow the enclosed procedure in order to expedite the approval process. Failing to follow proper procedure may result in extended delays and possibly the Association requiring you to restore the exterior of your unit to its original condition at your expense. If you refuse to comply with the HOA’s request the Association may restore and you will be billed for the expenses.

As examples, please review the following list of changes that you are required to obtain ARC Approval before starting any work: window replacements, screen for front doors, changes in fences for patios, installation of satellite dish, or installation of skylight or solar tube. Please keep in mind that the previous items are only examples and does not represent a complete list.

If you have any questions regarding the ARC Procedures, please contact Larry Stewart, Board member and ARC Chair, any Board member, or Lynda at Armstrong Property Management.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Lynda Farnum, CCAM®
Community Association Manager for Mission Gardens HOA
Armstrong Property Management

Most Recent Approved HOA Meeting Minutes

Mission Gardens
Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

June 4, 2009

570 Peach Street
Association Clubhouse
San Luis Obispo, CA


Call to Order
The Board meeting was called to order at 5:06 PM by President MaryAnn Riley. Other Board members present were Larry Beemer, Larry Stewart and Mike Sverchek. Owners Ashlee Rouse and Sherry Togstad were also present. Lynda Farnum represented Armstrong Property Management.

A quorum was established.

The Board appointed new owner Ashlee Rouse to fill the one open Board position.

The Board positions for 2009-2010 were established:

President – Mary Ann Riley
Vice President – Mike Sverchek
Secretary – Ashlee Rouse
Treasurer – Larry Stewart
Member at Large – Larry Beemer

A new signature card for the reserve account will need to be circulated.

It was established that Larry Stewart would be the Landscape and ARC Committee, Ashlee would be the Pool Committee, and Mike would continue to be the Clubhouse Committee for 2009-2010.

There was a motion to approve the January 8, 2009 Board meeting minutes, the April 23, 2009 Organizational Board meeting minutes, and the 2008 Annual meeting minutes, all as written. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Owner Forum
#8 (Togstad) requested the BOD view the crack in her kitchen foundation. The BOD walked over to view the floor and will mail the owner a letter with the BOD’s decision on any action, if any, the Association will take.

Financial Report
The HOA was under-budget for April 2009 by $1,191 and $5,159 under-budget for the year. However this is off-set by the fact that the 2009 reserve contributions for January through April 2009 have not been made yet ($3,070.64).

The Association had at the end of April 2009:

$12,838 in the Operating Account

$7,881 in the Reserve Account

Total in all accounts - $20,719

There were 7 units in arrears at the end of April, for a total of $717.

There was a motion to accept the Financial Report. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

The BOD approved the following reserve expenditures that were done since the last BOD meeting. These were approved via email as they could not wait until the next BOD meeting:
$1,200.00 – additional costs for new fence at #24 – Sanpei Construction
$1,300.00 – additional costs for new fencing at #36 – Sanpei Construction
$360.00 – fence repair at #10

Old Business
Management Report
Correspondence: APM presented the BOD with a list of letters mailed on behalf of the Association since the lat BOD meeting
Maintenance: Richard Sanpei Construction, who has taken over from Joe, did numerous repairs as requested by the BOD. APM requested and received various estimates and bids on the BOD’s behalf.

Violations Update: One unit was mailed a Warning Letter for their tenants using the spa at 3:40 AM in the morning and a Fine Imposed Letter for them having glass bottles in the spa area.

Paint Front Doors: The BOD approved Richard to repaint the front door of #30. Larry S, will assess all other front doors and recommend to the BOD if any need painting.

Landscape Update:
Two New Trees: The BOD had approved Hacienda Gardening in January to purchase two 15-gallon Crepe Myrtle trees to replace the trees that were removed in 2008. MaryAnn will ask Eliseo why this has not been done yet.
New Plants: Eliseo has planted Trumpet vines, new plants at the MG sign, and installed plants in “gaps” in the common area landscaping beds.

Replace MG Sign Light: The BOD asked APM to submit a bid to install a “well Light” at the sign.

Swallow Net repairs: The BOD has received a bid from Roofing Concepts to replace all netting ($4,000), but asked APM to get Richard, or other contractor, to submit a bid for repairs only.

New Business
Pool and Spa: The BOD reviewed the letter from the Health Department and the issues noted are being resolved.

The pool hours will be posted on the inside of the pool area on a sign when the “no smoking” sign is installed.

MaryAnn is working on updating the Clubhouse/ Pool/ Spa Rules. If any changes are made, owners will be mailed a copy.

APM will contact the Fire Department to determine the Occupancy for the clubhouse and a sign will be posted.

New Rule regarding No Smoking in the Common Area: The BOD reviewed and approved APM to draft a new rule for BOD approval to require the common area to be a no smoking area. After the rule has been formally adopted the BOD will have APM install signs.

Driveway and Parking Area: The #1 parking lot has a pothole and it is in a state of disrepair. The BOD asked APM to request estimates from Richard and an asphalt company to patch and slurry seal this parking area only.

HOA components scheduled for maintenance in 2009: The BOD reviewed the list recommended by the current reserve study and will do as necessary.

HOA Website: Larry S. offered to review and update as necessary.

Change Rule #10 to add scooters: The BOD reviewed and approved APM to draft a rule change to add “scooters” to banned wheeled “vehicles” on HOA property.

#26 Repairs: The BOD reviewed Brezden Pest Control’s inspection report and determined that item 3B is not part of unit 26 therefore will not be done. APM asked APM to mail letter to seller/seller’s agent.

Parking Lot 3 – install new “No Parking” sign: The BOD approved APM to install a new sign between the last parking space and the carport of unit #7 as residents are parking in an unauthorized space and making it difficult or impossible for #7 to enter or exit their carport.

ARC – Pre-Approved Windows: The BOD reviewed and discussed Mike’s report on possible replacement windows. The BOD would like a vinyl window, or similar, to be pre-approved to make it easy for owners to replace windows as necessary. The BOD asked APM to draft and mail la letter to owners explaining the ARC Procedure on making any changes to the exterior of their unit, and Larry S. is continuing to research a suitable window. If owners have any questions or input, please contact Larry Stewart, APM or any BOD member.

Additional Security for Parking Areas: The BOD approved installing Video Surveillance equipment throughout the common area to deter break-ins to vehicles.

Agenda Items for next BOD Meeting: none at this time.

Set Meeting Date and Adjournment
The next Board meeting will be:

Thursday, September 10, 2009
5 PM
In the Clubhouse at Mission Gardens HOA
San Luis Obispo, CA

The 2010 budget will be discussed in full at this meeting. All owners are encouraged to attend.

The Board meeting adjourned at 7:17 PM.

Minutes as taken by Armstrong Property Management


BOD member signature/ title Date

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