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We have had some issues in the Michael St area with kids out on the street when they really should have been in bed, so here's a reminder of the curfew in Centerton.

Friday and Saturday for 18 and under 11:00 pm.
Sunday-Thursday 10:00pm, 18 and under (unless in the care of an adult)

I suspect that this may be a large part of the tagging problem.
We also learned that kids were wandering the neighborhood at night getting into cars looking for cigarettes and butts.A neighbor reports finding a used condom in a vehicle. We have had to start locking our vehicles for the first time since we have lived here.

There is no good reason for kids being out that late. Please help us watch for them and notify Benton Co dispatch at:
479-273-5532. They will alert Centerton pd.

By Joe Baker
Your logic is ridiculous. Not only minors should be accused Of being responsible for childish behaviors like tagging and stealing. And even if they are responsible, shouldn't we focus on their stealing and vandalizing problems rather than how late it happens? Anyone can steal and/or vandalize at any time of the day. There is absolutely no reason we should focus on and accuse minors ONLY when none of us have any proof that it's the kids who have been stealing and vandalizing. Not all teenagers are bad kids. In fact, my kids and all of their friends have never gotten in legal trouble in their life. They are respectful and mature. Except for one night, when I sent my 17 year old daughter out to go hang out with her friends while I was sick. I got a call at 2am from a Centerton Officer, saying my daughter is out past curfew. I simply asked, "Is she doing anything wrong?" The dumbfounded officer replied "no, but it's late." That simple reply made me angry. Not only was my daughter just sitting in a gas station booth talking to her brother, but she also told me the police also asked her what she was doing this late, when clearly she was just sitting in a booth talking. The cops then continued to antagonize her and accuse her of misdeeds when not only was she not doing anything wrong, but the rude and corrupt power hungry cops had no proof whatsoever that she did anything. They searched her and her car without permission, which is unconstitutional if they don't have a search warrant. Don't get me wrong, I do think kids that are under 16 shouldn't be out walking around with worried parents. But my 17 year old daughter is doing nothing wrong, she shouldn't be antagonized and unlawfully searched. If the police continue their unlawfulness, I will personally report each and every one of them to city council. The power hungry officials have gotten way out of hand.

i might be lil old fashion but a 17 yr old girl dosnt need to be out and about period  sorry you were sick  even more so what the hell would you have done if god for bid you needed  so sorta help  and you were fussing about the officer  i agree some of them are power hungry but she was braking the law  and did you ever stop to think what mighta happened if it wasnt a cop but some sico nut raper or worse then what would you have said  that is what is wrong with all these kids to day they get to come and go as the wish   i no you let her go  but did you say hey im sick why dont you go out and hang with people on the streets  

i am so sorry but were you aloud to do this when you were young  i hope not  and i dont care if every kid has a cell phone at 8 that isnt gona help if it gets taken away from them from a bad person   let us all grow some balls and stop letting these kids do what ever they want when they want giving in to their ever wish isnt helping them  and that is what is wrong with this world  

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