trick or treat night

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I just wanted it to be known, there were 4 boys that came up to my car and tried to bully me out of candy last night. I was following my son, who was trick or treating. They did call me a choice name, i did call them one back and they followed us wherever we went. They went as far as chasing and hitting my my car, i did call 911 and had the police patrol the neighborhood, both okc and warracres patrolled area. I no longer live in the neighborhood, but my parents do, and it has been a safe area for 30 years, and i will be darned if i let some kids jeopardize the safety of the little kids, and their moms last night. I did follow the boys and gave dispatcher every move they made.



I know its been a while since you made this post. Thank you to taking action against these boys. As you said, this is a safe neighborhood and thanks to people like you, hopefully well keep it that way! Please let us know if anything ever happens when your here with your parents!




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U know one thing I can say is a gun would make them think twice before bothering u again I have a permit to Carrie one and I am not afraid of any one . And I know how to use get one And protect ur family. May God be on ur side.
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