Mecklneburg County GEO POLARIS Wrong Info

Posted in: Madison Park

The Meck County GEO system was providing incorrect info for Recycling week this week.  I had been out of town and was not certain what week we were on.   I used the 311 system to check.   I used the GEO link that takes you to the dashboard where you can enter your specific address's.     For me it said this is your recycling week, trash week, and yard waste on Thursday.    


I was out early this am and noticed few green cans.  I thought that is odd so checked the system again and  it said recycling week today.    So then I clicked on a 2020 recycling calendar and saw it was a gold week and not our week.   


I tried to report the issue to 311 and the operator said "I can't report this problem!"  i was like what?   You can't contact the people to tell them they are providing incorrect info?  Anyway I asked her if I had to contact the Mayor to report the problem.   She said just don't use the GEO system.  I was like that makes no sense.  I finally told her to give me a supervisor which she did, after a lengthy wait he comes on and  says his system shows Thursday next week. I hit refresh on my laptop and the system updated on my lap top and said next Thursday.  Apparently someone was working on it at the time I was making a complaint.   


That is the 2nd thing I have found wrong on the GEO system in recent weeks.   Just before Christmas I found our voting site for #50 was still showing Wedgewood Church.  Wedgewood Church was not used at all this year.   


GEO System is a good tool, but citizens should be able to count on it being accurate..  

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