Not being at any of the meetings of the board or annual picnic I do not know what was talked about in the making up of the proposed recommended change to deed restriction #1 to be voted on Nov 3, 2015 other than they want to keep weekenders out like was done in the change of demanding 180 days minimum rental agreements which took away the ability of renting to "snow birds" or "summer lake people" that bring in money to the community of Kingsland in a community that its only commerce is recreation because of the lakes. (Just a note, Texas rules on minimum days is 30 days)  But it states that if an existing house that is under 1400 sq ft living area and the owner wants to change the "footprint" of the home like add a room that would add value to the house plus the neighbor hood but still would not bring the house up to the 1400 sq ft the owner of said house would be denied a Lakeside Heights POA building permit.  What if said existing house is well below 1400 sq ft, and there are plenty houses like this in LSH, and on a (1) lot, most of which are 75 X 120 ft <> that is not in the KMD as there are a lot of lots in LSH not serviced by  KMD that do and do not have an existing house  on them and KMD states that they are not going to add additional services to the area, and house owners are required to bring house up to 1400 sq ft?  Or, said existing house under 1400 sq ft burns down or destroyed by storms etc. and house owner wants to rebuild but maybe change a thing or two to the structure that would still fall into the insurance money but change "foot print".  I was in construction field and know this to be something that happens.  They will not be able to rebuild according to this.  To say that if someone wanted to add on but still be under the 1400 sq ft but be required to bring "footprint" up to 1400 sq ft by the POA on a lot that has septic and there is no room to put a structure that big single story because of building set backs, utility easements, drive way and size of required septic system in same yard.  Or does not have the money for that big of a addition.  The house would have to be torn down and a two story buildt or just stay like it is.  So, if this passes and if one has a lot and wants to build a moderate weekend house for what ever reason or has an exsisting smaller house in Lakeside Heights subdivision with or with out KMD on the lot they are not wanted in Lakeside Heights Subdivision.

Earl Theiss