I hope you didn't miss the Annual Meeting of the POA this morning.  There was a nice breeze at the pavilion, a lot of information about projects the board is working on and even some ATM-a-boys for accomplishments this past year.

Lakeside Heights could never survive without the help of many people who volunteer.  Whether you volunteer your time on the board, serve on a committee, mow, paint, spread dirt, fold or stamp envelopes, or whatever; we owe our volunteers a pat on the back.  We also need to thank our outgoing board members; Dan Clark, Joey Whittenburg & Jerry Lindt - they gave unselfishly and many times got the blame but no rewards. (that's part of the job description).  We will post the new board members contact information after the next meeting.

If you know someone who volunteers in Lakeside Heights; post their name, tell us what they did and let us all thank them here.