Karen Community

5400 Londonderry Road

Posted in: Madison Park

This house was damaged during one of the hurricane remnants in early fall 2018.   A large tree fell through the roof from rear yard to front.   The house has been opened to the weather ever since this happened.  No work has been done since the tree was removed from the house.    Dennis Whittington in  code enforcement did have them clean up the front yard from the siding etc. that was in the yard.   He told me Alex Gregory is the inspector with the housing case.    Dennis does not handle housing cases any longer.  He does nuisances only.  


I was speaking with a resident down that way yesterday that told me that neighbors are talking about petitioning to have something done with it.    We are past the petition process on this location.  The petition only gets the property inspected by City Code Enforcement.  That takes 5 adult signatures.     City opened the case on their own drive by observation pretty much immediately when the house was damaged.   


The housing process takes time.   Yes even years.    One over on Murrayhill went before City Council and to court more than once in a 2 years time frame before it was addressed and torn down.  


If you have concerns you can contact Alex Gregory who is the inspector with the housing case for this location.    Most of the time they can be reached @charlottenc.gov using their first initial and last name.   If that does not work you can call 311 and ask for the inspector.   


This one location was way behind in property taxes (public record).  However they did catch it up this past fall I think around Oct. 2018.   


I don't know the person that was talking about the need of petition, but wanted to pass this along ...it would be a waste of time. 

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