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This message is to warn any future home buyers to beware of purchasing any property at Lakeridge-Whittier Condominiums. If you are fond of excessive fines for petty "violations", then this is the place for you. Looking to live near nosey, biased neighbors who call the police because you're watching a movie (no surround sound)? Do you have the time to take off work to attend their "hearings" and still end up having to pay a ridiculous fine? If you answered yes, you'll surely enjoy residing at Lakeridge. The HOA board members are on a power trip and seem to get pleasure out of bullying and fining specific homeowners. Don't get on their bad sides because you WILL pay one way or another...whether it's an excessive fine, a fabricated letter in the mail, the cops showing up at your front door, or your pet mysteriously dying. This place is a joke and it is ran by a bunch of people on a power trip. Fuk this place.  

"Power trip"....gee, are you sure you're NOT my old neighbor, KLARA. Anyway..... Does anyone attend meetings to keep tabs on what the Board of Directors is up to? Do you have a current copy of the DAVIS STIRLING ACT, which governs California Condo Associations? If not, I suggest you do on-line research. It's all about checks and balances and you have to do YOUR part in watching the B.O.D. Because, if NO ONE is watching them, you and other HOA members, WILL GET SCREWED OVER. Start your own neighborhood watch program re the B.O.D. Attend meetings, ask for copies of treasurer's reports, meeting minutes, etc....these are things you have the RIGHT to see. Good luck and please respond. Thanks

I can assure you I am not Klara but perhaps she too has experienced what hell it is living at Lakeridge. Currently, there have been many complaints regarding the board members and there has been a request to remove all board members. I guess I was on to something all along. The place is now infested with cameras and they even put a lock on the inside of the gate to make it more inconvenient for homeowners to exit the premises. George Arredondo is a creep and deserves to be removed from the board ASAP. I am definitely selling my place and haven't been more happy and at peace since I've started renting it out. 

Lakeridge is about to be bankrupt. Information posts are being  ordered torn down to keep owners dumb to the facts . We have almost zero reserves and zero property upkeep. Only units worked on seem to be special people.Multiple units being put up for sale to avoid special assessments coming down the road. It is unavoidable.But nothing is selling for the last few months. one unit for sale for 7 months and owner gave up last week. This place over run by renters with dogs and poop all over the place. Stay away.

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