12 Step Recovery Program for Whiteness!

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Here are the first six steps. Click here for a (nauseating) description of how Combs presents each step, via The College Fix:

Step 1: “We admitted that we had been socially conditioned by the ideology of white supremacy.”

Step 2: “We came to believe that we could embrace our ignorance as an invitation to learn.”

Step 3: “We develop support systems to keep us engaged in this work.”

Step 4: “We journeyed boldly inward, exploring and acknowledging ways in which white supremacist teachings have been integrated into our minds and spirits.”

Step 5: “We confessed our mistakes and failings to ourselves and others.”

Step 6: “We were entirely ready to deconstruct previous ways of knowing, as they have been developed through the lens of white supremacy.”


Disgusting, insane, or both?

Step 7: “We humbly explored new ways of understanding…proactively seeking out new learning and reconstructing a more inclusive sense of reality.”

Step 8: “We committed ourselves to ongoing study of our racial biases, conscious or unconscious, and our maladaptive patterns of white supremacist thinking.”

Step 9: “We develop strategies to counteract our racial biases.”

Step 10: “We embraced the responsibility of focusing on our impact, more than our intentions, in interactions with people of color.”

Step 11: “We engage in daily practices of self-reflection.”

Step 12: “We committed ourselves to sharing this message with our white brothers, sisters, and siblings…in order to build a supportive recovery community and to encourage personal accountability within our culture.”


Any White Person that sits through this CRAP is frankly mentally deficient. 

Vote Republican and save America from these Idiots!   


Do white people have a NAACP?  NO

Do white people have a Black Gay Pride?  NO

Do white people have a Black National Anthem?   NO

Do white people have White Lives Matter painted on city streets? NO

Do white people have  a congressional black caucus?  NO

Do white people have a Miss Black America Beauty Contest? NO

Do white people have Black TV Networks?  NO


We really could go on and on. 


Why is ok for blacks to have all these separate organizations / events just for blacks.


It is America.  There should not be different events or rules just for one race!  White, black or any other race.  


You should be American and nothing else should matter!  

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