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The key here is "frequent".  Anyone who knows ANYTHING about dogs will know that they do bark - it's their nature. It is how GOD designed them, and honestly, I would rather my dogs bark at people they didn't know because it adds another level of security to my home.  Again, though, if you THOROUGHLY read the law, Animal Control's purpose is not for "noise control" but rather if there are dogs running loose - then that's when Animal Control can step in.  They even state it at the top of their publication:

Animal Control is dedicated to reducing incidences of animal-inflicted injuries and protecting citizens from rabies by promoting responsible pet ownership through the enforcement of animal control laws and public education.

Does this say ANYTHING ANYWHERE about controlling barking?  Hmm, am I missing something here? Grow up, would you?



Yes you're missing good sense.  We had a dog here in Clevland TN, get its throat cut bc it wouldnt quit barking. Although I'd never cut or shoot an animal to kill it, I might use my grandaughter's bb gun to sting it real good if it woke me up barking.  What kind of  education do you have?  I've noticed most pople who cause trouble for others usually lack education.


You are sooooo naive....some people are crazy! Talking to them won't may make them do "it" more. Something like ..."you can't tell me what to do" attitudes

I don't see a date on the post above so this may reach deaf ears or a very old conversation but I just moved to Acton and am very dismayed at the amount of noise in the neighborhood.  Dogs bark all day and much of the night here. I have a dog and would never let him bark randomly or continuously outside all day and/or night.  I try to give my neighbors the same respect that I would like to be given.  My current problem is a neighbor that is building his third house in a row predominately by himself (this means years, literally of noise making).   He hammers all day and now on this Sunday.  I care for an elderly woman with Dementia and for those that don't know,  sound is a huge issue for Dementia patients.  I am so annoyed by this person's noise and lack of consideration for anyone but himself.  I have not done any research yet but after two weeks of being annoyed all day almost every day to find that this goes on and on and has for years is shocking to me.  I am dismayed that in a small town full of animals and a very relaxed environment this person seems to make his own rules.  Maybe he is the mayor of Acton?  It will be interesting to find out how he has gotten around the law and is able to what seems like,  do as he pleases.  As the new kid in town, I hope I don't get into with this disrespectful neighbor so soon after my arrival! !  So annoyed and shocked by the lack of respect for neighbors in Acton!  Dogs, dogs, dogs and hammering, hammering, hammering.....disgusting!

YOU are frustrated???? What a jerk you are...your neighbor REFUSES to be kind to your dogs...screw u and your dogs...YOU are sick of it??? What a worm you are. Read your own words...he moved into the neighborhood a year ago or so...

So he's at fault for putting up with it for more than a year????!!!!


Your head is in the dark...up youe a---!


Shoot the damn things...poison them with rat poison...


YOU are the reason that neighbors get into arguments and worse!!!


Get a life!!!??? Its obvious you have NO LIFE except to impose your will on your neighbors

BTW, I have four dogs and we never let them jerk

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