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I like the way you think Mitch.  

 Why indeed DO we have a HOA?  Someone is sure getting rich off of all of us - what are there - 800 to 1000 homes in Hickory Hills now? At $300 a year? Do the math - what is happening to all of that money? It's going in Gasser properties pocket would be my guess - as salaries - for doing what exactly? Hey if that's the way it works - where can I apply for that job?!  

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It seems that some people do not care when you go over to talk to them about their barking dogs! It has been done and they just say "so what, deal with it". Someone else needs to intervene or there could be some nasty arguments going on.

Just deal with it

Folks, part of the great "American" dream is to have a home of your own, with children and pets, a nice back yard, and a friendly neighborhood. I am one of those with those and for the most part, we have been pleased with our neighborhood. We do have two adult dogs, both of whom have electric collars on because we don't want to put up a fence. Our neighbors to the right of us have several children and love our dogs - have often times played with them. They are very loving and friendly, but if they see people walking the street, they are going to NATURALLY BARK! It's what dogs do - it's how God designed them - and to be honest, a barking dog is more likely to scare away unwanted people (this has been proven statistically) than either no dogs or a non-active dog. As a father of two small children and a beautiful bride, I want my home protected in all of the possible ways, and having dogs is one of those ways.

However, the neighbor to our left, who just moved into the neighborhood a year or so ago, obviously hates dogs and has complained to us about them, has gone to the HOA about them, and now is threatening to call Animal Control. I am really sick and tired of people acting so childish - and yet trying to DICTATE how I am to live. I am sick of it. We bring our dogs in at night - usually around 8:30 or so (when we put the kids to bed) - and then they are let out in the mornings. They do bark at this neighbor because he REFUSES to be kind to them. It's amazing to me - children the age of my son love our dogs and this adult guy is acting like a 1-year-old cry baby. Get a life, would you? Geeze Louise!

A very frustrated Neighbor


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