Pets, Noise, Trash, etc.

Posted in: Hickory Hills

Innocent  Does this say ANYTHING ANYWHERE about controlling barking?  Hmm, am I missing something here? Grow up, would you?


You are missing many things as well as being as defensive. I suggest you read the ordinances. ie:Ord. 291-88-10-11, passed 10-11-88; Am Ord. 793-05-07-26, passed 7-26-05; Ord. 836-06-07-25, passed 7-25-06) Penalty, see § 10.99


WHICH SAYS among many other things you should understand: ... PUBLIC NUISANCE. Includes but is not limited to any animal that:

... (9)     Makes frequent or long continued noise which is disturbing to a person who has normal nervous sensibilities and ordinary tastes, habits, and modes of living.



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