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Redneck in Tenn.....that's time restrictrictions, so that means you can do ANYTHING...what a selfish WORM you are!


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i didn't get to catch the initial post but i am having a problem right now with my neighbors dogs barking all freakin night long and no matter what we do they will not put them in at night and i find it extremely inconsiderate. their dogs wake us up almost every single night.  so what am i supposed to do????grow up???? i can't b/c i can't get a proper nights rest!  lol  we wake up and do everything in our power to wake these idiots up so they'll put up their dogs and the next night, there out again!!!!! i'm sick of it and definately ready for them to be fined.  yeah, dogs bark, but if u choose to have aconstantly barking dog, put them up bor don't live in a neighborhood where it inconveinences everyone else!

You know what strikes me the most, that those people who have no consideration for those who work night shifts (i.e. Firefighters and Paramedics), those are the ones who complaint about the crappy services they get from those same people.  I've worked in EMS for a long time and those inconsiderate people who allow their dogs to bark all day are just that....inconsiderate.  You'd think you would be more respectful of your neighbor especially if you have no idea if they are the ones who might have to come save your life one night and cannot do it because they are exahusted because your dog and/or loud noise did not allow them to get a good night's sleep that day!

I don't see dates on these posts so I am not sure when they are posted?  I started the "too much noise in Acton" thread again as I have had enough of the dogs barking and people building ugly new houses at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning??? No reverence, no respect and not great neighbors for sure.  I see there used to be laws about noise here but I think my neighbor wanted to build his houses and from what I've heard, got himself on several boards so the laws could be changed and they were.  No no noise on Sundays now and I guess locals just don't hear the damn dogs that bark  24 hours a day!


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