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LMPD: Think Before You Speed!

Think Before You Speed!

We live in a society of calculated risks. Maybe you risk losing a couple of dollars by purchasing a scratch-off game. You enjoy playing the game and the chance of winning and it is only two dollars. That is a risk everyone can live with. However, every day drivers are taking risks that put people’s lives in danger by speeding beyond the posted speed limit.

You should think before you speed and here are a few things to think about…

Is speeding really worth it? If you are travelling 25 miles to work and drive 10 miles over the posted speed limit (e.g., 75 mph instead of 65 mph) you will get to work approximately 4 minutes faster than if you had taken your time and driven the speed limit. What are you risking to have 4 minutes shaved of your commute?

Here are some risks:

* Speeding ticket will cost approximately $150 (points and higher insurance premiums??)

* The chance of being involved in a collision due to decreased reaction time and increased stopping distance. If you are traveling 50 mph in light rain, you will travel more than a football field’s length by the time you realize you need to stop and when your car actually stopped.

* Civil liability and being dragged through a law suit if you are at fault in an injury collision. P.S., do not try to buy a home if you are caught up in a civil law suit.

* Criminal charges – there is a reason we call “accidents” collisions now. State law has recognized that in all cases, “accidents” were actually negligent drivers so the terminology has been changed to “collision.” How do collision investigators know you were speeding? Skid marks, speedometer being stuck on impact at the speed last travelled, electronic devices in newer cars, and more. Collision investigation makes CSI look like an episode from the Andy Griffith Show.

* Physical health – there is no question that driving under stressful conditions has a negative impact on your health.

Honestly, is speeding really worth the risks of all the financial, civil or even criminal problems that could occur as a result of being in a collision where your speed was a factor? Let me answer that question for you, NO! Life can be stressful and that is why choosing to not speed must be a conscious decision you have to make. One strategy to help you reduce time is your preparation for the next day’s routine. Get your clothes and other necessary items ready at night before you go to bed.

4 minutes for all the risks of speeding simply does not add up to a smart decision and it is definitely not worth the risks of being in a serious collision and hurting someone or taking a life.

Please, think before you speed and let’s all drive like our life depends on it… because it does!

Posted in Louisville KY by gini on 06/02/2014
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