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Loose, mean Black & White dog

Posted in: Eastburn Acres
If anyone sees this dog loose and feels threatened again, please contact the Delaware SPCA at 998-2281 to have it caught since the owner can't seem to keep it in it's own yard. Obviously this dog doesn't like strangers. It shows it's teeth when it barks and growls. Don't get injured, do the right thing and make the call. Shame on the owner!

By Fed up!
Mean Black and White Dog

I have called the SPCA on that dog
several times. They have gone to the house where the dog lives on Walmsley D rive and fined the owners. The people who own that dog just do not care. It runs the neighborhood and has tried to attack me and my dog on several occasions. The dog is not at fault the owners are irresponsible and just plain ingorant. I would like to see the dog taken away from them. I would like to get a petition started if anyone would like to join me in doing so. Please let me know via this site.

By Debbie G
Saw it again last night

... was loose on Walmsley again 11/7 around 5:30 p.m.
See this dog all the time

My family and I dont walk our dog because of this problem.Our dog does not like other dogs racing up to him and will want to fight.If this ever happens one of the dogs could get injured.If we do walk the dog in the neiborhood I carry mace just in case Im attacked.The owners know this is happening and should be discraced.
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