Smell A Rat! Dominion Voting Systems Lawyers Up!

Posted in: Madison Park
If you have not watched Fox News you will know nothing of this!    If you did Dominion-Voting-Systems Lawyers Up and backs out of PA State House Fact Finding hearing.
Apparently several states in question that claimed to have stopped counting on election night did not.   According to Trump Attorneys this was so software could be adjusted to change the votes in favor of Biden.  If true pretty dang bad!  
Apparently these machines don't even tabulate in U.S.   They are done our of the country!!!
According to attorneys this was known and there were several ways to manipulate the results.  Trumps attorney said they had to stop the counts or pretend on election night so they could adjust the software!  

Frankly you have to wonder how people that riot, burn, and loot could be trusted to run an election fairly.   I know most workers are honest....but it only takes a few to do real damage!


Add the paper ballots to this software voting machine and it does not look good for any election.


I heard some counties sent out 100 paper absentee ballots but got back 200???? How does that happen.  I heard some counties in Michigan had 200% and 300% turnout.   It would be amazing to have 100% turnout.    Pretty impossible to have anything over that amount.  I would say impossible to have 100%.  

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