Rattlesnake and coral snake warning

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My husband and I were behind our fence facing Wetmore and there was a rattlesnake that was as big around as my wrist.  He was huge.  We also saw a 20" coral snake just stopped in the middle of the path.  We have lived here for over 25 years and have found rattlesnakes in our yard.  I have also seen one at the entrance gate and dead on the road by Lynn Kaye.  Our neighbor's cat was bitten by a rattlesnake several years ago.  Be very careful.  If you come upon one or hear a rattle, freeze and make certain you are not too close then slowly back away.  They will strike only if they feel threatened.

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Thank you very much for posting this heads up. Hopefully many more will read this and be aware of the danger.



There are actually no coral snakes in Tennessee, though there are several harmless species that resemble them.  The only venomous snake species we have in the Knoxville, Tennessee area are the Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake (which you mentioned).  However, as long as you keep an eye out when walking in rural (and sometimes suburban) areas, you should be fine.  They are both rarely encountered.

Gee, I thought Towne Lake Subdivision was in TEXAS !Surprised

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