Noise Ordinance Need to be enforced in Post Falls

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Haven't had 1 uninterupted nights sleep since 7/10/10, neighbors moved in.  Police don't seem to care.  So many calls made.

We who live in residential areas, who like to do things during the day, have no options in this town.

I would really like to see this ordinance or any noise ordinance, with fines for every time a call is made on noise enacted.  

This kind of constant disruption is not healtly.

Thanks for letting me speak my mind. 

Thanks for speaking your mind!!  As I read your message I was like, "OMG".  I feel that! We got new neighbors in our neighborhood and one of them bought two barking azz dogs wit em.   Like you can't even walk out to your car before those dogs start barking and they don't bark like normal dogs, they have excessing barking problems!  Like "ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff" all in one bark... lol Undecided.  Can't help but sit here and laugh at myself with that analysis but let me tell you, it is one pain in the you know what when those jokers start barking at 6am or after 10pm.  If there is a noise ordinance in Laurel I'm about to find out.  Anyhow, I'm gonna write my homeowners and see if they will send em a letter. Innocent  But for real, I'm about ready to go knock on a jokers door to address this dog barking issue.  My other neighbors are ready to go with me. Wink The new neighbors should think about muzzling the dogs after a certain time... but I guess that's too much like common courtesy.   Folks just don't care anymore.   Anyway, it's a terrible distraction in our neighborhood whose always been accustomed to the sounds of quietness and serenity. 

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