We take a lot of things for granted when we're not homeless.  One that you may never have thought of is as simple as knowing what time it is.  We may wear a watch.  We may check our cell phone.

But what about living on the street, and guessing time from the sun.  Or checking a bank's time and temperature, which isn't very portable.

There is a little known non-profit that is helping the homeless deal with this problem:  On Time 4 Recovery.  This organiztion,headed by Chris Orloski, hands out watches to Colorado's homeless.  Imagine now knowing you can be there at the time a shelter opens, or a free lunch is provided, or even make a job interview.

You can be part of the solution, by providing old watches (the group will refurbish and put in new batteries), or even just go buy  $1 watches from the Dollar Tree, or donate as little as $2 and Chris' group will purchase wristwatches with alarms in them.

Check this worthwhile project out at their website, www.ontime4recovery.cwahi.net

On Time 4 Recovery asks that there be a community member willing to act as drop-off site for watches, and they will coordinate picking up these donations with this person.  Their website will guide you with this process.

In Mayfair Park, please contact elphnrph@hotmail.com with any donations.  Thank you.





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