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Here is something quick and easy that will help you improve your audio tuning game.

Usually you should drink a lot of water, but taking a few sips before going on stage will make your speech clearer and make it easier to control your voice text to speech voices.
Dehydration can dry out your vocal cords and throat, so dehydration will make it easier to control your voice.

Avoid ambiguity
Confusion is when you start a strong sentence. But your voice will gradually weaken by the end of the sentence and this happened to me a lot! The audience can hear the first few words of speech text to speech free. But the end of the sentence is confusing.
To avoid this problem, practicing louder than usual and paying attention to unclear sounds can help reduce use.

Practice with speakers
When I train, I put rock music on the speakers text to speech and rehearse the sound. This way I can avoid ejaculation and make sure my voice is loud enough.

Recording yourself is a great way to find out if your tone is true or false. Record a draft of your first letter.

While listening, record where you can make it higher/softer. which you can go faster/slower than you want to stress as you can add pauses for better results etc.

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Voice training (for singers and voice actors)
Here are some tuning exercises to improve pitch and pitch transitions.
sentence tightening
To understand the importance of dialect and practice anytime and anywhere. Choose a sentence (any sentence) and underline the different words in that sentence.

For example, suppose the sentence is "He said he killed the gardener."

Repeat this sentence in your head. Emphasize by choosing a different word each time you speak.

It is said to kill gardeners.
It is said to kill gardeners.
It is said to kill gardeners.
It is said to kill gardeners.
It is said to kill gardeners.
It is said to kill gardeners.
It is said to kill gardeners.
Different point each time the meaning of the whole sentence changes. (if a little)

This is the tone and tone of public speaking. Effectively use your voice to deliver the most impactful messages!
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