Oversized Vehicles In Neighborhoods FYI

Posted in: Madison Park

Large trucks are not allowed to park overnight in residential neighborhoods.  This is a zoning violation.   If you bring these type trucks into the area expect to be ticketed by zoning.   


We have had a few people that bring the entire tractor / trailer in and park it in the street.   


Find a parking lot at a shopping center that will allow you to park it,  and have someone bring you into the neighborhood if you are visiting or coming home and drive a big rig or any over-sized / heavy truck.


Several of our streets have signs no trucks allowed without permit.


Having delivery's during the daytime is fine.  That truck comes in and leaves.


You can report to 311 under zoning if you have this happening near you.   In most instances zoning / codes will probably pick up on the issue without you even reporting.  Do that by calling 311 or entering 24/7 through 311 online systems City of Charlotte. 


This applies parking in your driveway, or out on the street.  Neither is allowed under zoning. 



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