Shame on Madison Park HOA Board Members

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For you sorry treatment of Ruth Tansill a board member that you removed in a secret meeting without giving her the opportunity to face her accusers this Dec. 2019.    Ruth learned of this when she received a Fedex letter in the mail on Friday 1/10/20.    Ruth is the one person that cares about Madison Park Neighborhood and works countless hours to bring fun events to Madison Park such as Flags on the 4th, book drives for charity, Recycling Day at Madison Central Park,  luminaries at New Years, Best Trunk or Treat Food Truck Rally Ever, ice cream social, Holiday Social this Christmas, seasonal food truck rally's at the Madison Central Park.  All high quality events that have involved donations from Madison Park residents, Pecan sales that Ruth ran to raise money for her events, self found business sponsors, and various go fund me pages.   Most of these events have been either solo ran and headed by Ruth or involves other Madison Park non HOA board members and in many case non hoa members.  


All this before she was on the board and even while she was on the board the last 2 years, without anything but negative comments and even emails a majority of times from a select number of current board members and a couple of their wives.   Some of them quiet nasty and at times even threatening in my opinion. 


The letter of her removal was signed (typed in list of names) by 

Douglas A Welton (President)

Eric Stenstrom (VP)

Tom In Treasurer

Warren Childers

Jennifer Delorm

Russell Hodge

Aaron Moody

Jason Shechter

Morris Rosen

Ann Batson


The current HOA board has violated bylaws for years, over stayed term limits, some have blocked Ruth at times from Facebook and Nextdoor, and worse even put negative comments on facebook trying to make her events unsuccessful all the way up until the event actually started.   All this I believe while not once providing a dime toward the events.   A couple of you did lend her support from time to time with her events, but that has been very limited.  


Many residents are aware of your actions now and will no longer support the Madison Park HOA or whatever name you come up with to call your group.   That includes me!   Until we get a board that operates legally and fairly count me out!  


Most of the current board members I don't know you!   However, you apparently don't know the history or treatment of Ruth Tansill, or you would not of supported this effort to remove her from the board.    Some of you have friends in common with me and they can't believe you put your name on the letter to remove her.   Others think Ruth should file suit against you guys!    


I am sure whatever Ruth does she will continue to make it happen as far as putting on her events that Madison Park residents seem to love.   It is not like you guys have made efforts to do these events, or even make it easy for her to do them.  Your very own web site has stated for years you support the Community Fall aka  Pinewood Fall Festival and you host a Holiday Social.    You have done neither the last several years.   I guess we could throw in false advertising with the rest of the issues.  You can't even get minutes posted each month for your meetings of the HOA.   


I really thought if Ruth was on the board it would be a Win for everyone as you would not have to do any of the events that you clearly don't like doing, and Ruth could do the work and serve on the board.  I guess I was wrong with that assumption.  


I encourage residents to think real hard before paying a dime toward any volunteer dues as you guys are not the proper board for this neighborhood.   I am pretty certain that if push come to push evidence could be shown to show that some on the current HOA board have said and done far worse than what they have accused Ruth of doing.


My purpose of posting this is to ensure that Ruth does not go away from the HOA Board without folks knowing the real reason.    Her removal is SAD in my opinion and is a loss to the HOA.  Ruth is still a resident of Madison Park and I am certain she will continue to find a way to make the events in the future possible for all the residents that have enjoyed her events the last 3 or 4 years.   


Pretty sure the HOA is having some type of elections tonight 1/13/20 at their meeting.     Board members are elected by the resident members and they should be involved in any removal for most things.    Exceptions might be attendance issues or something that is clear from bylaws.  Not something that is subjective.  You should NEVER remove a board member without given them a chance to be present and face their accusers.   Just Wrong!  In Fact DIRTY! 


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