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Just discovered we actually still have an active civic association.  I don't know if anyone actually use this site for information, but on the off chance someone does... I have a couple of quick questions. 


1. Was a meeting held this year? 

2.  When is the next meeting? 

3.  Is any of the information posted anywhere aside from this site? I'm pretty sure i'm not all the only community member who didn't know this organization still existed. 

4. How active is this group? I don't see any real information on this site. 

5. Who is responsible for the newsletter? 


Thanks for your help. 

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Yes, we do have an active civic association.  The problem is that with the coronavirus, we have been unable to schedule any community meetings due to lack of available facilities.  Our next scheduled meeting is contingent on the availability of appropriate meeting facilities.  We do have a newsletter printed and ready for distribution soon.  Also, we have a community yard sale scheduled for this Saturday.  We have signs advising the community and we've also placed an ad in the News Journal (includes online) advising of such.  You might want to check the list of contacts which will answer your questions as to who is responsible for what. 


Thanks for your interest. 


Al Luckey, treasurer, LECA

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